Experience and technical capacity in civil engineering

Coyde Group was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the construction sector, mainly in large infrastructures such as bridges, viaducts and wind farms that come together to launch this common business project.

Its Director General, whom we interviewed, spent more than a decade at the helm of a pioneer company in the construction sector, in which he managed around seventy works in a single year, coordinating up to nine hundred and eighty professionals from all branches of the sector.

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Sometoimisto believed in change and succeeds: "The use of channels is changing all the time and the algorithms every Thursday"

Kurio has grown into a top-notch company in Finland in recent years and believes that customers can also be found abroad.
The Kurio of Helsinki has singled out really hard growth over the past three years.
The company is an expert in social media that helps its customers to market in digital channels and especially in social media.
In three years, the company's net sales have risen from EUR 0.2 million to nearly three million, and last year, the company made the strongest result in its history.

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Coyde Obras y Desarrollos has implemented an Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment certified by Applus.



Coyde can now certify and assemble the Vestas, Nordex and Siemens equipment!